Monday, November 2, 2009


I have tried for 2 days to upload photos and blogger is not cooperating. Driving me crazy. That is why I am just now posting about Halloween and our weekend. I have some really cute photos of the family too! :(

Coco was supposed to be Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place. Come Saturday morning it just wasn't comfortable and she wanted to wear our costume from last year. After arguing with me she went in her cheer uniform! I will not be buying a costume next year. She can wear something homemade or not be anything. She said on Saturday this would probably be her last year.

We spent most of Saturday at Mother's, to celebrate Scott and Ethan's birthdays and to help mom get ready for Trunk or Treat at her church. My sister and I made a poster that said "FALLING FOR JESUS" and decorated her trunk with lots of fall stuff. I looked so cute. I also thought about doing a TEAM JESUS theme, like a tailgate party. Wouldn't that be so fun. The event was a huge hit for a small community. She attends church with the sweetest people. I really enjoyed being there with her as a family. I wish we all could attend the same church. I suppose we could but it would be quite a drive for us and my sister each week.

Sunday we celebrated Scott's birthday with his parents. Sandy (mil) always has a beautiful table and the food looks like it is ready to be photographed for a food magazine. She is very talented and she didn't burn anything. This is a long running joke because she usually gets to talking and forgets the bread. I have bought her timers but I have never seen them again. LOL

Your probably thinking we go on and on and on for birthdays. We usually have dinner with each side of the family and we've been known to all get together for some. Next year will loads of fun for Scott because he will be turning the big 40! I need to get a book to start making lists of ideas. I want to make it really special and memorable for him.

I am counting down the days to some time off this month. I will have over 60 hours of time i need to use up before the end of the year plus we get Veteran's day and Thanksgiving this month. I am already using this to get Coco up in the mornings. Telling her she only has 3 weeks and she gets a whole week off. We are counting down at our house!



jenjen said...

Sounds like a busy weekend - but fun! We are counting down the days too - my son has an early class at 6 that is hard to get up and going for. It ends in 3 weeks - yay!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Pam, thanks for stopping by & I hope you'll try the monogram plaques, they really are fun to make.

Carrie said...

Hey Pam!! I agree with JenJen, sounds like you all had a busy BUT fun weekend!!

Gotta love that last bit of vacation time. I savor EVERY minute of mine!! LOL!!

Hugs!! Carrie♥