Tuesday, November 3, 2009


As a Girl Scout Leader!!!!

After tonight and all the issues we had, I am ready to throw in the towel.

A couple of the Moms wanted to host a hot dog roast/ smore making fall fun night. I was thrilled that someone wanted to do that and I didn't have to really do anything. Well, it was cancelled twice and the mom and I talked last week and decided this week would be better weather wise so I said lets do it this week. She said ok. I thought I was done except for enlisting my hubby to bring the fire using our fire pit thingy. He went and prepared the fire for a 6pm meeting time. I called one the mom's at 5:30 to tell her the fire was on and to see where she was. OH she didn't know we were doing it............. What???

So I tell myself if nothing else we will have the meeting around the fire and it will be fun. She and the other mom did show up with frozen buns and hotdogs. They were supposed to call all members to invite all the families to come to. Well, no other parents or siblings came. It all worked out and we did the hot dogs and the smores.

After my initial shock I was ok and then all my girls just went crazy, running all around acting like a bunch of I don't know what. I had to tell them over and over to stop running, put your shoes on, stop tattling, and on and on and on. I was seriously stressed out when it was over. Even a couple of my girls were unhappy with the way things went tonight. I do have a couple that always follow rules, etc. I don't want them to not come because of the actions of the other girls but I don't know what to do. Scott told me I should suspend them from a meeting. I am going to get out my Leader materials and see what they suggest for discipline measures. My only thought at this time is if it continues then I will give the disruptive parties 2 chances and if they don't obey after that then they have to call their parents to come pick them up early from the meeting, meaning they will have to tell them why they have to leave early.

Do you have any ideas? Anyone out there involved with Girl Scouting??? I need help!



Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Let's see....how does the saying go? "10% of the People do 90% of the work"

That is so annoying!

Sorry...I know how it feels!

Former Girl Scout Leader, Carrie

4shepherds said...

I am so sorry you had to go through all that! But just remember what a goood thing you are doing and it will all work out! God doesn't give us more than we can handle. Keep up the good work!

That Girl said...

My old boss was a girl scout leader and boy did she have some drama stories to share with us allllll the time. From the kids not listening to the parents acting worse than the kids. No advice but I hope it gets better!!

jenjen said...

Oh I was a cub scout leader for a couple of years. I know your frustration. I ended up making a jar of treats and the boys who behaved got a treat at the end of the meeting. I also had a prize for boys that came on time. I made up a chart with stickers on it that tracked their progress and gave stickers for behavior too. The parents that I dealt with had no interaction with the boys and didn't seem interested in helping. It is a hard, hard thing. Maybe you need to have a parent meeting and let them know your problem. You could also give them a list of dates and have them sign up to help on certain dates and have them write the dates on the sheet and take it home.

Good luck - I am sure it will get better!