Friday, August 20, 2010


We have survived the first 2 days of school. Coco was so ready to back. Mostly just to see her friends. She has met most of her teachers so far and her favorite is her Math teacher Mr. Johnson. He told the class his life story of biking from Cali to Florida and hiking from Maine to Georgia. Sounds interesting.

The official school supply photo. You will notice that GLUE  is missing. Another moment of growing up, when your child grows out of glue. She also only gets one recess period at school and she hasn't even complained!

First morning of school. Smiles were hard to come by but lucky me I got one.

See told you smiles are not easy. She even looks all grown up :(

I made this chalkboard in a rush the night before the 1st day of school but couldn't find chalk anywhere so we used it this morning for the 2nd day of 5th grade.
She was rushing and wouldn't let me take the photo outside because there were kids already at the bus stop and she COULD NOT BE SEEN TAKING A PICTURE. OMG! SHE WOULD JUST DIE OF EMBARRASSMENT! Wearing a black poka dot scarf with purple plaid shorts and a Justin Beiber shirt is totally cool though!

Welcome to the tween world!

First day of school disaster: Coco was making microwave mac n cheese after school yesterday and forgot to put the water in the bowl. Our house still smells like burnt noodles. The Lampe Berger is supposed to remove smells in your home and it isn't even touching this. If you have any ideas please pass them my way.

Looking forward to a low key weekend.


Debby said...

I once had popcorn catch fire in my microwave. I had to take the microwave outside. I think it stayed in the garage for about a month and I could finally use it again.
YOur daughter loks adorable. I like that second picture leaning on the tree.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Adorable! I love the smell of school supplies.....

Anonymous said...

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Kelley said...

I work with tweens, everyday. I understand where you are coming from.

Pamela said...

Hope your little girl had a wonderful first day of school! Mine Oldest starts 1 st grade tomorrow! Ekk!