Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I have been busy planning my Girl Scout year. I have so many ideas and plans for our troop this year. One of the things I wanted to teach them is how to crochet. I remember my Mom teaching me when I was a girl but I wasn't sure if I could still do it. I bought a skeen (I even remember the term) of yarn and a needle at my FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD Hobby Lobby. I got it out not really sure I knew what I was doing but within a hour or so last night I was in a groove. I should have taken a photo of the first attempt. It was turning out more in a round shape and I wanted it to be straight to make a scarf. I cut off that piece and googled stiches (i can't not spell this word to save my life)! I found a site that had photos of each step from making the first slip knot to chain stitches and so on and so forth. I JUST REALLY WANTED TO SAY THAT. 
Anyways, I used the photos to make my slip knot and then it just fell into THIS!!!

This is the beginning of a scarf. It really is kind of like riding a bike once you learn how you don't really ever forget. AND THAT IS WHAT I WANT TO TEACH MY GIRL SCOUTS!
I want them to tell their children that they learned this skill from being a Girl Scout!

Coco said I am officially old now that I am sitting around crocheting!
Maybe we'll go for a walk instead!
Oh Happy Day

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