Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today we met my sister with my nephews and niece to visit the new Corn Maze Pumpkin Patch in our area. We weren't the only ones with that idea. The place was so busy.

Coco wasn't to happy about taking photos. Y'all with the little ones feel lucky if you get some good shots because it doesn't get any easier as they get older.

Jake and Kaylee. Kaylee likes to pose

I just had to shoot what I could

I had my settings wrong so I couldn't get it to focus correctly

Dallas and Ethan shooting corn. That was really cool. For $1 you get to shoot 4 ears of corn.

Beginning in the corn maze. We didn't stay together long.

Tammy and I got to stay with the littles Ethan and Kaylee. They took us on quite a trip.

Something was quite funny

See I told you they don't get better at taking pictures as they grow up.

Ethan was the only taker for the cow train. He had so much fun.

Look at that face. Pure delight to this Aunt's heart

This is what I got when I told them to get with a goat for a photo. Too cool for school!!!

We had a great time and we didn't even make it to the actual pumpkin patch. Maybe we'll go again.



Rhonda said...

Hey did you know we went yesterday? I am typing up a post...let's see if I can actually do one this week. Ha!

I did post pics on FB!
Looks like everyone had fun. They told us Sundays were the busiest days, and that last weekend they had over 2600 people visit.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Such a fun time of the year, for all!

Lissa said...

I've never gotten to enjoy a corn maze. We were all set to go to a pumpkin farm/ corn maze last weekend and then it started pouring. boo hoo.

Lovely photos!