Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I had a jammed packed weekend planned. From Friday night all the way thru Sunday night. God had a different plan. I started feeling a tickle in my throat early last week and it progressively got worse. By Friday night I was worried about how I was going to make it to all of my events. Well I didn't make it to all of them!

Friday night was my nephew Ethan's birthday party. It was an hour away after work. His Momma asked me to take pictures so I couldn't miss it.
The little stinker turns 5 tomorrow. He had a great party with lots of little friends.

Playing in the balloons!

Early Saturday morning my Girl Scout troop set up a water booth for a local 5k race. They had a great time and luckily we only had to be out there for almost 1 hour.

These are a couple of the teachers that my girls have or have had in the past. They were stoked to get to give them water!

By the time we were thru I knew the only place I was going was to see a doctor. We had plans to go to a friends house to celebrate Scott's 40th Birthday and watch the Hogs beat Ole Miss. I knew if I went we would have to leave early for me to make it to a walk in clinic somewhere. So I sent Scott and Coco on to the party while I stayed home and went to the Care Express inside Walmart. I have a severe upper respiratory infection. By Sunday I felt like I had a hippo sitting on my chest. So I stayed in bed all day Sunday. Missed dinner with the in-laws for Scott's birthday dinner.
I missed work on Monday because I still felt horrible. Felt a little better today, still not 100%. Sick of being sick.
Scott and I also had our 11th wedding anniversary on Saturday. Since we didn't get to spend it together we are going to go out on a date this next weekend. Looking forward to that. It has been too long since we had some one on one time alone.

Thats whats happening in my world!

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Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Hope your doing better, the events can wait, take care of you first!