Thursday, February 3, 2011


We have been snowed in since Tuesday. We got 7.5 inches which doesn't sound like alot but for Arkansas it quite a bit. It is usually gone the next day but the temps have been dropping to the negatives at night so the snow is hanging on. It didn't help that we got a half inch of ice first.

Coco has been entertaining me while we have been home.

Recorder concerts (we called them flute a phone when I was a girl).

This was on Tuesday when it was snowing and blowing so heavily.

We don't have any hills so Coco was sledding off the front porch.

She and Maggie pulling each other on the sled in the street. Luckily we live in a very quiet neighborhood.

Then she decided to run and do the softball slide. Great practice time for softball season coming up.

She might have a sore heiny tomorrow.

Windmill in our neighborhood.

My beautiful girl

Having fun today

Ride like the wind Coco!!

I have a confession to make. All these photos were taken from my doorway using my long range lens!!!
It was way to cold to be out there long!!!
I am going to try sledding into work tomorrow.
The weather men are calling for more snow all day tomorrow, more on Sunday and again next Wednesday. Like my friend said on facebook, the kids will never get out of 5th grade with so many make up days!
Keep warm and keep sledding!


Kelley said...

We didn't get anything like that in my part of the state. It sleeted a little bit. Maybe we will get some snow in the next round. I don't care for ice though.

Southern Fried Gal said...

My family are up that way with all the craziness. I can't believe UofA has been closed so much! Fun pictures! Keep warm and safe this week.

Mom2fur said...

We've had about 3 feet overall up here on Long Island (NY), but any snow at all down by you is amazing! I bet the kids thought it was a great surprise.
BTW, our record is about 75 inches, which happened around 1995. I'm so glad Spring is just around the corner and we probably won't break that record. I hope!