Monday, February 14, 2011


OR SINGLES AWARENESS DAY ( i saw this on a friends facebook comments) I remember so many Valentines days that I spent as a single girl. Thank goodness it never bothered me. I loved my alone time as a single girl. I lived out on my own for 11 years before Scott and I married so it was a culture SHOCK after we married.

Now I wouldn't have it any other way. This has been a great day.

Let me show you in photos!

My gift from Scott that was waiting on me when I got home. I told him not to do anything and we planned on cooking dinner at home together tonight, just a simple home cooked meal together.
We were both exhausted so I went to get Subway sandwiches.

Coco's Valentines we made for school.
I was so happy with the way they turned out.
She said some kids didn't want the photo. How mean is that?
Parents please teach your kids some manners and how NOT to hurt someones feelings.

See that beautiful Damask? I got my SheyB camera strap in the mail today.
Happy Valentines Day to me!

Hope your day was filled with love!


Rhonda said...

You have great taste! What? Yep, I got the exact same strap in the mail today too. However, you are better than camera is at school. ;(

Coco is so pretty...great card!

Kelley said...

I love her pictures! I think her Valentine's are fun and unique. I am sorry those kids acted like that. I hope she held her head high.

Pam said...

Thanks Rhonda I stole the idea from you!!!

Thanks Kelley, It didn't even bother her that the kids acted like that. I was more hurt than her! ha ha we never stop being bothered by things that happen to our kiddos!

crissy said...

Happy Valentines! Let's give love to one another.

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