Sunday, February 27, 2011


I should just call it a Girl Scout weekend.
Most of the weekend was spent with my troop.
The sweetest little group of girls

Don't they all look so SWEET! No really for the most part they are all sweethearts.
My wonderful sister let me borrow her van so that I could carry more girls to a event on Saturday that was an hour away. This photo is them all laid back watching a movie on the dvd in the van.

Even with the van I still didn't have enough room for all so on the way back home I had a few different girls. They were so funny. I loved listening to them singing along to the country radio. I was shocked that they knew all the words to these country songs. I told them I couldn't wait until they were all 16 and could drive me around.

Team work!

Sunday afternoon was spent at Walmart selling cookies.

When I went to trade cars with my sister I got to see my niece cheering for Upwards basketball.
They were so cute in their skorts and little pom poms!

Our church service was great this morning. We didn't get up in time for Sunday school but made it just in time for service. Grateful for sometime in the Word today.

Now I am watching the Oscar's and waiting for some nasty weather that is headed our way.
Say a prayer for Northwest Arkansas tonight we have a good chance for straight line winds and tornados tonight. This morning the weather channel said it was a 6 out of 10 chance for tornados.
Lord I pray that this does not happen. I need to get our things prepared to go to the cellar if the sirens go off. Thankful that we have it in times like this. Growing up we always had a cellar and Momma would take us girls at the first sign of bad weather, while my Dad would stay in the house asleep. We spent many a night sleeping in the cellar. Hoping this is not the case tonight.



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