Saturday, April 16, 2011


Our Saturday morning started out way to early and way to cold. Coco had a softball game at 8:30am and the temps were in the 30's with very strong North winds. I felt so bad for those girls but they were troopers and played through the pain of freezing hands and little noses. The Mama's didnt fair so well. Several of us gave up and watched from the comfort of our cars with the heaters running.

After the game we went to Old Navy for the grand reopening of their recent move to a new area of town. We got some cute t-shirts and a couple of cardi's on a good sale. I am not sure I like the new store. It was totally different with lots of different styles. I will have to wait and see after the new wears off.

We had lunch at my favorite restaurant Chick Fil A. I love the way they always say My Pleasure when you say thank you. It is worth the extra cost for good service. The chicken is so yummy too.

We ended the afternoon at the movies. We saw Soul Surfer, it was a wonderful movie. Bethany Hamilton's faith was and is so strong. To overcome the tragedy of losing her arm to a shark attack and still become a pro surfer is just amazing. Her parents I am sure are so proud of her and the qualities they have instilled in her. The surfing in the movie was amazing too. I have never seen anyone surf in real life and now I really want to . It was kind of like when you watch a dancing movie, you immediately want to go dance around the room. I left wanting to learn to surf. To bad we are so far from waves that the desire will be gone by the time I get near a beach!

Coco and I enjoyed a Mommy / Daughter day. We need to do this more often!

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Kelley said...

That sounds like an awesome day! I'll have to go see that movie. I heard it was good.