Sunday, April 10, 2011


You are probably wondering what in the world these 3 photos have to do with anything!

I do have a point to make.

Tonight we were invited to a Girl Scout Cookie Celebration Dinner.

One of things we did was play Pictionary. It was the Mom's against the Girls.

My daughter got the object answering machine as her word to draw.

She tried drawing the 8 ball toy that you ask questions and roll it and it shows an answer in a little window.

I laughed so hard because she didn't know what a actual answering machine is. Of course it is not her fault because we don't have one anymore since it comes on the telephone now. (I wish we still had the machine, it was much easier to push a button instead of dialing our number and putting in a code).

I was just shocked at what the girls knew and didn't know playing this game. Technology is a wonderful thing but so many things I enjoyed as a child are no longer used. one of my favorite memories is singing into a curling iron. My sister and I actually used this garden stake that my Daddy had made for staking tomatoes. We bent that thing like it was a real microphone and sang our hearts out.
Now they have every instrument known available for every gaming system known. There is no reason to use their imaginations anymore.
Makes me kind of sad.

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Kelley said...

I totally agree! It is so sad that kids don't have to use their imaginations. So many don't want to play outside. "For being so connected" with technology, I think people are more out of touch than they use to be. It is refreshing that you had them playing board games.