Sunday, April 3, 2011


This weekend has been just wonderful. We started it out with Coco having a sleepover with 3 other girls. I laughed so hard Friday afternoon when I called home to check on them. Scott was home when they got off the school bus and he was a little antsy with all the giggling and squealing going on.

The played and played and played on the trampoline, ate pizza, watched Tangled and made paper cell phones. Only 1 of the girls actually has a cell phone. The convinced me to take them to Sonic for a Blast about 9pm. I think we had some sugar overload but Scott and I didn't hear a thing after about 11pm.


Saturday we had to be up early for softball practice and then Coco and I came home to just hang out the rest of the day. Scott and I watched the Fighter. It was a good movie just tooooooo many bad words.

Sunday morning we had a great service on Worship. A quick lunch at Taco Bueno. Walmart run to pick out  a birthday gift for our nephew Jack who turned 6 today. I didn't pick up my camera until this afternoon.

Coco tried to get me to let her play in the sprinkler yesterday and I kept telling her it was to early in the season.

Sunday I gave in. This is what she did with it.

She had a blast and never complained about being cold. It has been really windy today so I thought she would be back inside quickly but I WAS WRONG. She stayed out there for quite a long time. I had to let go of my Mommy worry and just let her be. I do remember being a kid and the water was NEVER to cold...

When I went to upload the photos I found a BUNCH of these. Someone had a fashion show recently.

Love weekends like this. Full of memories and fun.

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