Sunday, May 15, 2011


Coco and I had the pleasure of going to a Princess Brunch at our church Immanuel Baptist on Saturday. Our special speaker was Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.
Ms Peggy and the ladies at church have a heart for God's Princesses and they know how to do it up right.
The tables were all decorated so pretty.
They served juices french toast, breakfast casserole, biscuits and the most wonderful apple butter ever.

At each place setting there was a photo of the Duggars and a book mark.

Sorry the photos are blurry, I had to take them without flash and couldn't get it steady enough. Michelle had planned to bring the girls to sing and play for us but they had a rough time getting to Saturday. Jim Bob and Michelle were on their way home on Friday from D.C. and all their flights were delayed. They were in Atlanta at 11pm on Friday night and Josie had to be taken to the ER for respirtory problems. They were at the hospital until 3am and our event was at 10am on Saturday. Grateful that they were able to make it. They decided on the plane that Jim Bob would come with her and they would share their testimony. I remember Michelle going to school with my sister and she was always the sweetest girl back then. She hasn't changed a bit. They were very transparent in their sharing about how they came to know the Lord. I left encouraged and uplifted. She was very sweet to Coco when Coco asked her to sign her card. Michelle just hugged her and asked about her.

We won their new book that is coming out soon.

I love how they sign their name with their favorite verse.

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Kelley said...

That is so cool! I find their show on TLC refreshing. I would love to meet them in person. I bet they are really nice.