Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Turn this

Into this

I took a $1 dictionary covered it with scrapbook paper.
Made a label on the computer
I used double sided tape for both.
Then go through the book with a highlighter and mark all the words that describe your Mother.
TIP: use a bible highlighter they don't bleed through as bad.

I was looking for a gift for a friend that was turning "50" and my sister told me to make her a dictionary like I did for Tammy when she turned 40. I was like What are you talking about?
Apparently I made my sister a book like this 3 years ago but I can't remember it.
I got the gist of it and went home that night and made it for my friend and titled it 50 Things That Make You Fabulous.
She loved it.
She sent me a text today telling me that she took it to work to show it off and her coworkers were going to make them for Mothers Day.
The one above is actually for a Girl Scout Mom. We made them in a troop meeting to give out at our Mother/Daughter Dinner on Friday.
I can't wait to see what words Coco chose for me.

Happy Crafting

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