Monday, May 30, 2011


 I have had a wonderful 3 day weekend. It is amazing what 1 extra day off can do for you. My Lupus has kicked my booty for the past few weekends. To the point that by Sunday rolled around,  I just wanted to stay in bed and that is what I did for about 3 weeks.
Scott and Coco went to a campout with his best friends family on Saturday and Sunday. I just hung out at home on Saturday. Sunday my sister and I went to flea markets for the afternoon. I did not buy 1 thing, but had a great time just hanging out with her. She is on a special diet and is doing so well. SO PROUD OF HER!!!
My family got home at 11pm last night and I was ready for them to get here. I missed them even though I enjoyed the time alone.
Today I got up and went to work cleaning the house. I finally used my Shark steamer that I won at a Christmas party. Crazy that I let it sit in the box for so long. I loved it. It came with a little bottle steamer that I used to clean the tub and shower surround. WOW that little thing is amazing. Should have used it sooner. Well now I know!
Coco and I went to do a little shopping.
My baby girl is not so much my baby girl anymore.

She will be 11 next month. Where has all the time gone. I just want to cry thinking it was just yesterday that I was rocking her to sleep everynight. Giving her a bath and now she is shaving her legs, wanting to wear makeup (NOT).
This photo we took in the car shocks me that I have a TWEEN!!
Believe me the attitudes remind me often!!

A great weekend and now I am counting down to the next one. Which I will have a 6 day break at the end of June. Wooo Hooo
Have a great week my friends

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Kelley said...

So glad you had such a fun weekend! Your daughter is beautiful. I work with tweens all the time. I completely understand! Ha! It makes me sad that my 5 year old will be there in no time at all.