Wednesday, May 11, 2011



I shouldn't say nothing because we seem to be running and doing all the time.

Coco is keeping us busy with softball and girl scouts.

Coco and I do get to do some fun things this weekend. We are going to a brunch at church where Michelle Duggar will be the special speaker. I love that about our church. They have lots of stuff going on for the whole family.

We also have a fun Girl Scout Troop event happening this weekend and that will be fun. I guess we won't get to see alot of Scott though. I am sure he will find some "guy" thing to do. He's resourceful like that.

I am watching the storm blow over as I sit here and look at the window. Thankful we haven't had a ton of rain like we did last week.

Gotta go finish the laundry so the little girl has her uniform for tomorrow.

Have a great week

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Kelley said...

I hope you have a great week too! I bet Michelle is a great speaker.