Monday, March 19, 2012


I have been sick for about a week now. I went to my family physician on Thursday and he really thought I was having a severe allergy attack but he gave me a script for a antibiotic just in case it turned into a secondary infection.

By Saturday I was feeling worse so I had the script filled and started the antibiotic Saturday evening. I was extremely sick to my tummy, you know just feeling horrible. My back started hurting throughout Saturday and Sunday. It feels like a elephant is sitting on my chest.

I got up this morning and went into work because I had loan closing at 8am that I needed to make sure happened. I called and scheduled another followup appointment with my doctor for 10:30am. Well I just couldn't seem to catch my breath all morning. On the way to the doctor it seemed to get worse and I got a little scared that I might be having a heart attack, so I went to the ER instead. I had EKG, chest xrays, blood work, etc. I thought it might also be pnemonia the way my back and chest hurt.
Come to find out I have a severe bronchial infection.

The point of my post is this. My husband has a lawn business and one of his long time customers he had to cancel today to come to the hospital to be with me. This man is a wonderful Godly man. I had never met him but had heard many stories of the talks he and Scott have. He has blessed us many times since Scott has been doing his lawn.
Anyway we were in the little ER room and there came a knock on the door. It was Mr. Ness, Scott's customer. He had to be next door for rehab appointment so he came over to the ER first. He was the sweetest man. He came to pray with us. So we 3 held hands and he prayed over me and for us and the doctors.

I was so touched by someone I had never met to make a special trip to check on me and want to pray with us. He even spoke of Coco in his prayers. I don't even have the words to describe how that made me feel. We don't even go to church with him.

GOD is so good. I am so happy that Scott has so many customers that think highly of him and are God loving people. In the past I have been frustrated when these jobs took to much time blah blah blah, but as I meet more of his customers I can see why he takes the time to stay and visit or do extra without getting paid.

I am home now and have doped up on my medications. My eyes are gettin heavy!!

Feeling very blessed in the midst of my nasty illness!!!


Debby said...

Sure does sound like pneumonia esp. with the back hurting. My mom had something similar and was diagnosed with the same thing. It sure acted like pneumonia. Rest and feel better.

Kelley said...

So glad you went to the doctor! Hoping you feel better soon. What a special visitor you had!