Saturday, March 24, 2012


I have had this shadowbox frame for a few months just waiting for me to put Coco's Softball or Cheer stuff in it for safekeeping. I chose the Softball because she is still playing ball but Cheer only lasted a couple of years.
I took the photos with my phone so it is kinda blurry!

A closer look


Coco and I found this on a shopping trip this week. So funny and it didn't take long before i had to get into it. My boss bought La Huerto for lunch on Friday and we were all craving chocolate afterwards. We passed this around the office and I still have half a bar left.

The tree in front of our office is so pretty

It rained here literally all 5 days this week. One night coming back from the UPS box I noticed a beautiful rainbow in the sky. I got so excited I texted it to everyone I know. ha

Here is the other side ! So cool 

Later that same night driving home at 8pm the sky was very strange and scary looking. It seemed like a huge black cloud was hanging over our town.

I am so happy to be feeling well. I spent today cleaning, dusting, purging and organizing.
Love to have a clean house. Now I need to get our bed made with all new clean bedding.
One of my favorite things is fresh clean bedding!!
Makes me very happy!!


Kelley said...

The shadow box turned out great! So special. What a keepsake!

Jessica said...

What a neat shadowbox- such a precious way to save memories! : ) And, I agree- that tree outside of your office is just heavenly!

Amanda Martinez said...

Such great pictures, its beautiful there!