Sunday, March 4, 2012


We have had a very low key weekend. I have had a Lupus flare up or I really do have the flu. I just know I have felt horrible for a few days now. I did get out some today to be with Coco at the Girl Scout cookie booth at Lowes. We also gave away some hard earned moola at Academy Sports. She needed shoes, shorts, shirts, socks and softball pants. She should be setup for the season. Oh yea helmet and some contraption to help take the ping out of the bat when she hits a ball and all I got was a pair of shorts.

I told her I don't know how parents with 2 or 3 kids do it. She said if I had siblings I would know that I couldn't have everything I wanted. Not that she really gets everything she wants but I think she would much rather have a sibling or 2. Sorry baby girl it just wasn't in God's plans for us.

On to the title of this post.
Our entertainment recently has been watching 2 new shows on CMT

Bayou Billionaires

This is the most hilarious show I have ever seen. They had drillers come in on their land so they are getting royalty checks off the natural gas or whatever. They call the money mailbox money. Because it just shows up in the mailbox and they don't have to do anything. I laugh so hard when I watch this. It is on on Saturday nights.

My Redneck Vacation

This one is a family from Louisana that is vacationing in the Hamptons. It is not as funny as the Bayou. They seem to all be alcoholics but they do some of the dumbest stuff that you have to laugh.

That has been my "lately" still working alot and loving my new job. I suppose it really isn't new anymore. All is going well.



Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Hope your feeling better soon!

Kelley said...

I hope you are better! I have watched Bayou Billionaires and it really is funny!