Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am a tad late getting my post in for Friend Making Monday.

This weeks assignment is What would you do with $1000 and a babysitter for a 24 hour period?

Wow I can think of tons of things to do with $1000 but I am daydreaming here!

1. Make reservations for the dear hubby and I at a nice hotel for the night.

2. Go shopping for a sexy dinner outfit and nice lingerie.

3. Get a pedicure and manicure

4. The hotel would have to have spa services so that we could have a couples massage.

5. Leave a note and key for dear hubby to meet me at the intended place. (this would be a total surprise for him)

6. When he arrived I would have champagne and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for him before the massage.

7. We would go to dinner and maybe a show or just take a stroll around the town.

8. Go back to hotel for the night.

9. Sleep in the next day and order breakfast in bed.

10. Take our time coming home the next day.

Oh I want to do this now! Maybe I will start a fund so that we can do this soon.
Please go over to Kasey's blog to join us.



Amanda said...

Like the idea od surprising your husband. Love romance!

Rhonda said...

Hey Pam!! Sounds great doesn't it!

I have a suprise for my hubby too that I have been wanting to do for about 6 months now! I think I will set aside a box with extra money so I can make at least some of my daydream a reality!

Tanielle said...

Sounds fabulous!!! Wouldn't it be so fun!?! Have a great Wednesday!!!

Monica said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Pam!I have taught in sunday school for several years now and I love it.I have thought of quitting but I don't think right now is the right time for me.We just had a sunday school seminar and I think that is what refreshed me in my teaching.
I read in your About Me section that you enjoy sewing and I just did a post on a skirt that I finished up for my daughter.It's nothing fancy,but I'm just starting out and I love it.

Carrie said...

That sounds like a great weekend!

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

I'm so glad you posted your ideas, even on a Wednesday! Sounds like a great plan -- you should definitely make that happen!