Thursday, March 12, 2009


OOPS is a store in NWA with lots of cheap goodies! Knowing I had to go back to work this week I spent last week running around going all the places I wanted to go to that I couldn't do while working. OOPS is one of those places. It is about 45 min from me so it is not a place I get to often. I wanted to show you a few things I bought.
This birdcage was $6.25 and the cross was $3.75. Aren't they adorable. I have the birdcage filled with plastic Easter eggs on my table right now. I also found these little roses for .67 cents for 9 of them. I have wanted to do this project for Coco's room for awhile. I bought the shade at walmart for just a few dollars.

This is the finished project. I now have to pick out a base for her.
Is anyone else feeling the loss of hours for Daylight savings???? I can not get enough sleep. It has to be the time change. Maybe it is the 10 hours a day I am gone to work now!
Speaking of work I am loving it. I did go by my old office to pick up my Notary info and apparently they are just a week away from calling me back. Just my luck. I think the management was holding out so she could hire a friend of hers, apparently she has been in the office visiting lately. Classy huh??? I think I am in a great place now with lots opportunity that I could never have had at the old job! Sometimes money isn't the most important thing in a job!!!!
I am so glad tomorrow is Friday!!!!! Ready for the weekend!


Rhonda said...

I love OOPS. How funny it is about 45-1hour away for me too. I don't get to go there very often either but I love the goodies you found!

Glad you are enjoying your new job!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

My Mom lives in Lead Hill and Im so going to oops next time I visit her. She has never heard of it before till I told her about it. Hope I could get lucky and run into you there...hehe.

Rhonda said...

Hey how is your reception planning going?...I can't wait to see what all you came up with for the eloped couple! Do share! :D

That Girl said...

I have never heard of oops!
I am feeling the time change too. I have been exhausted allllll week. I cant wait for the weekend to get a few extra hours of sleep. Have a great weekend!

Mountain Mama said...

Very cute "finds"!

jenjen said...

I have never heard of OOPS - but you got some awesome things there! That birdcage is so cute!

I am so happy you like your new job. Yay! And, I hate daylight savings time - it always throws me off.

Have a great weekend!


Monica said...

Hi Pam,no I have never canned before.I have thought about starting to but it seems like a lot of work and I'm afraid I'll do it wrong.
I really enjoy gardening though and what we don't use right away I like to give to friends and family.
That lamp shade is adorable!