Sunday, March 22, 2009


We have had a great day. We spent the day in Eureka Springs. Mostly here at the Turpentine Creek Refuge. This is just outside Eureka and they rescue and care for big cats and other animals that people have tried to have as pets or they were in danger some other way.
Scott and CocoMe and Coco. The weather was so nice, it was actually hot outside.

They had probably 40 tigers and they are huge!

Such beautiful animals.

My favorite of the day were the Lions. Their heads with the big mane is so regal!

He looks kinda grouchy but he was just lounging in his cage. Until it was feeding time. We ran around Eureka until 5pm when they start feeding. Wow was that a experience. With the warm weather the cats are kind of lazy during the day but when it is about time for food they are all pacing and roaring. So cool. We even got to see them get a little aggressive when they thought someone was going to get their food. They eat 7-15 lbs of chicken or beef that is donated from Tyson & Walmart at each feeding. Some might think it is cruel to have them caged up but at least they are being cared for. The sad thing is the people that get them as babies and think they can have them as pets. This place was cleaner than any zoo I have ever been to. They have lots of volunteers and interns that work there.

This is the Christ of the Ozarks statue. We took Coco to see it at the Great Passion Play. Everything else was closed since it was Sunday but she was in awe of how big this is. I always love to go see it.
This is Scott and Coco waving at me from the top of the lookout. I don't know how far it is up but I know the last time I tried I got to about the 3rd level and mostly crawled down. That is when I knew I had aged. I had never before been afraid of heights but now I won't even think about it. They did fine and Coco loved every minute of it.
This was our spring break fun since I can't take off work (new employer might frown on that), we wanted to do something with her and we are so glad we picked this place instead of Springfield or Tulsa. She gets to go to the zoo with her Nana and Papa this week too. Someday I want to plan our vaca around her break and tour all of Arkansas. I was born and raised here but there are several parts of the state that I have never seen. Maybe next year.
I hope all you other spring breakers enjoy your time off! Have a great week!


Rhonda said...

Hey I have never been to the Turpentine Creek....but I have been to the Jesus statue many times. I'm hoping to go to a few places this week since it is Spring Break for my 2nd grader. My husband who teaches had Spring Break this last week. It stinks that we couldn't go do something as a whole family. I will be going/doing with just the boys or a couple of friends of my boys this week.

Rhonda said...
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Jessica said...

We've been to Turpentine several times! Did you walk down below the park on the road? We did, but I can't remember what we saw down there. : )

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I haven't been to Eureka Springs yet and have only lived here for 15 yrs. but it's on my to see list with the Cat refuge a must. Thanks for sharing!