Saturday, May 23, 2009



Yesterday I got to have lunch with (from L-R) Mom, Aunt Donna, Aunt Thelma and Cousin Brian. We all met at the Crumpet Tea Room for lunch. The chicken salad and orange roll were just as yummy as ever. Donna I hope you had a great birthday!

My hubby and daughter have went camping for the night and so did my sisters hubby and kids. Not together but anyways, Tammy Lou came up tonight to spend the night with me and do some crafting.

Can you guess what we are making??
No not pee pee teepee's but I guess these little cones could work for that!

Nope we made flower pins, thanks to SEW RITZY TITZY! She has a great step by step tutorial.

Aren't they sweet! Tammy Lou had cut the circles out awhile back and so we just used this fabric. But we will be getting some fabric tomorrow to make more. Heads up family this is what you will be getting in your birthday, Christmas, anytime gifts! This will also be great for secret sisters, ladies group, etc. I am making another purple one to give to Coco's teacher at her surprise party this week. More on that later.
She does have cancer in her liver and the lymph nodes behind her breast bone. She is feeling somewhat better. The morphine was making her sick and giving her the severe headaches. The MRI on her brain was clear, thankfully. They are trying to get her pain managed to the point where she could go home in a few days. I hope this works out for her and that she can get to her chemo appointments easily. I know her girls would love for her to be home. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

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