Sunday, May 17, 2009



As a Girl Scout event we went to the Arkansas Naturals baseball game and then camped out on the outfield last night. The game was fun except for the watching out for foul balls. I don't know why but that terrified me! I guess because the only time I played baseball I got hit in the nose and I have never forgotten watching that ball come straight at my face. Don't ask me why I didn' t move, I just didn't!!!

Anyway the park was cool and they did a lot of fun things with the fans. This first photo is us down by the field for a spelling bee contest. They stopped me and asked if my family would do it but by the time we got down there the first family they asked had shown up. I guess we were a back up.

This is STRIKE! he is the coolest mascot ever. He was great with the kids. Coco and Courtney with him. And the dreaded foam finger she talked me into buying. I spent the rest of the night dealing with the STUPID thing! I told her I was going to give it away if she asked me to pull her finger one more time, then a kid behind me started swinging his over my head and over my shoulder!

Here is our tent. My thought when I bought the 5ft x 6ft tent, was that it would be just big enough for Coco and I, small enough to carry from the parking lot to the field, small enough to put up easily. Well 5x6 is when it is laid out on the ground without the poles! Oh my Coco's play tent is bigger than this thing! This is a couple of the mom's checking out our digs! It was the most horrible night I have ever had trying to sleep.

To begin with the game didn't end until 10:30pm and so by the time we all got set up and watching the movie it was 12am! I had to sleep from corner to corner and still couldn't stretch out. The inside walls were wet this morning so we were freezing and my whole body was aching from the hard ground. I was up at 5:30am and by 6:15 we were leaving. Some of the others weren't even out of their tents so I hope no one is mad at me but I was so ready to get out of there.

Here is a photo of the field with all the tents. Looks like a tent city in California. Thank you Lord for my home and my king size bed with 500 count sheets. I have never been more excited to come home before!!!!

Here is what the girls were doing at midnight! Running , rolling, jumping, flipping around on the field! I think they all slept hard even though they were freezing! This is Coco standing on her head!

Since we were in Springdale I had told mom that we might come by for breakfast after we left the park. We called her at 6:30 to tell her we were on our way. She made us biscuits and gravy, eggs, hashbrowns and bacon! MY MOM ROCKS!!!!!

Coco ended up falling asleep there while Mom and I visited so I had to wake her up to come home. We got to our house about 9:30 and I went straight to bed and slept til 12:30 when Scott came home from church with lunch ! Coco and I slept again after lunch until about 4. I probably will be up all night now! Scott and I worked on the yard and weeded my squash garden this evening and now my yard looks all green and clean! It is supposed to be nice weather all week so I hope to get some powerwashing done!




4shepherds said...

You know if we'd of been thinking, I could have came and rescued you after everyone went to sleep. Then I could have brought you back this morning and nobody would have been the wiser!! haha I hate to think that 5 minutes away from us we were in our cozy beds and you were on the ground!! I would have came and got you I PROMISE!!! Remember that next year incase you have to do this again!!

Lamp Tramp said...

Wow, what a fun time and you are a wonderful Mom for sleeping in that tent. Your bed must feel wonderful now!
Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. It truly means so much when things are difficult!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

It may of been of the most terrible night for sleeping but the memories you just blessed Coco with will last forever! And next time you go camping, bring a air mattress! lol Loved the camp city!

jenjen said...

How fun!!! That looks like a wonderful time!