Thursday, May 21, 2009

Prayer Please

A good friend of ours needs prayer right now. She found out on Wednesday that she has a recurrence of cancer. She has battled breast cancer for the past year. Double mastectomy, chemo, radiation you name it she has probably had it. Things were just getting back to normal for her when she went in last week for a scheduled pet scan. She has had this cough and congestion for a few weeks so she had diagnosed herself as having pneumonia. We all do it! Anyway the pet scan showed something that the doctor wanted to check out further. She was supposed to go see him on Monday. Well, Sunday evening she started getting a pain in her side which continued to get worse by the hour. She went to the ER at midnight Sunday. They did a biopsy of her liver on Tuesday. the cancer is back in her liver, possibly her lungs and lymph nodes. They were starting chemo today and another friend called us and she began having a severe headache after the chemo so they are going to do a MRI on her brain.

Her name is Beth and she is a wife, mother to 2 beautiful girls, daughter, sister, friend. She is in her early 30's. Please I ask you to pray for her and her family. This is going to be and is so hard for them. The not knowing is scary.

Scott and I have been talking about the why's and what if's all week. It is so easy for me to sit here and say Trust God, have faith but if I were in her shoes, what would I be feeling. What would my child say and think of God, if I were to die? So many questions will go unanswered because his ways are not our ways. I know he has a purpose, this illness has a purpose. What do you say to the spouse? The mother, father, sister? My prayer has been for peace! Of course I pray that he will perform a miracle and heal her. Wouldn't that be a awesome testimony to those that don't believe. I want him to be BIG and be shown as BIG in this situation, but I know this is his will that will be done so I pray for peace and acceptance. I pray that she has time to prepare things, if that is what she wants. I pray that she finds comfort in Jesus during this time, that the entire family does.

I am rambling. Again please pray for Beth and her family.


Jenna said...


Lamp Tramp said...

Oh, I am so praying for Beth, her family, and friends. It just should not be that wonderful, young people have to deal with such difficult things. My heart breaks for her and all of you~\

jenjen said...

I will pray for her. I have a friend who is going through that too - very young too.


4shepherds said...

We are praying!!!

Cathy said...

You have no idea just how close to home this has hit me! One of oldest and dearest friends from high school has been battling cancer since Oct 2008, and I found out that yesterday afternoon she is on to bigger and better things. Even tho' I knew from things I'd gotten from her sister that the time was near, it has still hit me hard. And wouldn't ya' know it, just starting this new job, I won't be able to attend her funeral. I will add Beth in my prayers as well.

See ya soon!