Sunday, May 3, 2009

Garage Sales

I was so looking forward to the weekend because their were to be tons of garage sales in our area. Lots and lots of neighborhood sales.

It was not meant to be! IT RAINED AND RAINED AND IS STILL RAINING! On Saturday Scott and I both got up early with plans to hit the road. It was thundering and raining so we were slow getting around and trying to decide if it was worth it. I had to go to Fayetteville to the Girl Scout office anyway so he went to get Coco from a friends house, went to the tire shop to get 4 new tires while I went to the bank and McD's for a Drpepper!

We left for the first series of sales about 9am and most were closed up but we hit about 8 in 2 neighborhoods. I didn't take photos but here is a list of what we found.
Cute crocs for my niece
Sizix diecut machine for $5.00 whoopey!
2 pairs of slacks for Scott with the tags still on for $1.00 each
2 books on tape for $.75 each these are for Mamie since she can't see well anymore.
Steal of the day a Honda powerwasher used twice for $75.00 (Scott looked it up new and it cost $400)
Cook once eat for a week cookbook for $.75, I have always wanted to do this. I think that is all we got at the sales.

Coco and I went on to Fayetteville and met up with my sister and went to the Craft Fair in Springdale and the warehouse sale that Signed Sealed and Delivered was having in Tontitown. For you locals SSD has new owners and will have some good changes.

Today has been dreadful. The weather is still nasty and I have fought a migraine all day. I slept for a couple of hours this afternoon and feel better but still dragging. I NEED SOME SUNSHINE!
I think they are calling for rain on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I need to check the calendar we will probably be making up ballgames in December! Just kidding

Here's hoping we have a good week! I know that I will be at the office late everyday, my workload is growing each day. Thank goodness! EVERYONE GO OUT AND BUY A HOUSE OR REFINANCE THE ONE YOU HAVE!!!



jenjen said...

It's been raining here too. I didn't even try making the garage sales. Good for you! And you found some great things too!

Have a super week this week!


That Girl said...

We have rain here too. This will be week 2 of straight rain. blah