Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It is 9:13pm and 9 years ago tonight God blessed us with the sweetest little girl in the world. Today is Coco's birthday and we have celebrated all day.

I woke her up this morning singing Happy Birthday and let her open a gift. Scott stayed home with her today. She invited a friend over to swim and then they all met me for lunch at Red Robin where the employees sang Happy Birthday to her. For dinner we went to Nana's for Chili, brownies, pink lemonade and a dolphin cake. Nana always makes whatever we want and the past 2 years Coco has asked for chili and yes we tell her it is too hot for chili but that is what she wants.

I went back and found some photos to remember the years.

She was about 6 months here.

Nine months here sleeping on Dad's chest. I love this photo.

Silver Dollar City at six years old making a fashion statement. At six I wasn't too worried but at 9 she won't be wearing that in public.

Cheering at age 7

My gorgeous girl at almost 9.
Coco was born a month early and weighed just 4lbs and 4 oz, 17 3/4 inches long. She was healthy as a horse. They worried about her losing weight right after she was born but she was a champ and gained steadily. I didn't really know unconditional love until that moment in the hospital when I finally got off the morphine from the c-section and got to be with her and hold her. I remember crying so much just from all the love I felt for this tiny life.
We took her home, scared to death because I didn't know how to take care of a baby but it all worked out. I think God gives just what you can handle. She didn't sleep through the night for 4 months and I know I could not do that again for 4 months straight. I was very picky and did exactly what the books or doctors told us. I didn't take her out for the first 30 days because she was so little and the doctor warned us that she was border line premie so we should be very careful.
The first time I took her to my Mom's she screamed the entire way which made me a nervous wreck. She developed colic between 3pm and 7pm every day for months 2 thru 4. Looking back now we had a hard time but it was so worth it. I think about rocking her to sleep for the first 2 years. I miss that time with her.
She is growing up and like Scott said she is at the half way point of leaving for college. I will have to retire and go with her. She is sweet, considerate, caring, responsible, loving and the best daughter I could have asked for.
Happy Birthday Coco!


Rhonda said...

Happy Brithday to her!! They do grow up so fast. Cameron will be 8 in July. ...sigh!

That is too funny she requests chili. Sounds like a great day!

jenjen said...

Happy birthday to Coco. She is so adorable! I hope she had a wonderful birthday!


4shepherds said...

Happy Birthday Colby you are such an amazing girl and we love you so much!!
Love, Kevin Stacy Rylie and Raegan