Wednesday, June 10, 2009

WHATS UP!!!!!!!

It has been a while since I last posted! I miss ya'll. I am keeping up with your blogs when I can, I just haven't had time or anything exciting to talk about. I can only complain about how busy I am for so long!! Right!
Coco had a softball game last night and I took my camera ( I should name her) to play with getting some shots in the sports action mode.
Coco and Maegan warming up. Love how I got the ball in mid air.

Come on baby, run like the wind. She's coming

Almost there

HOME PLATE! Yea Coco, GO COCO GO COCO. she hates it when I do that!

I was just snapping away. She lets me do that (the camera that is)! They won the ball game 7-5. I was worried the first few innings, they just could not catch the ball or hit the ball for anything, but once they got going there was no stopping them. A bunch of little girls with a heart for the ball! Just precious. Now in a few weeks we will trade the gloves and bats for pom poms and bows! She is going to be well rounded, don't you think! At least worn slick out anyway.
My mother-in-law called a few minutes ago to tell me to look outside. Look what was out there!

Kind of blurry but the sky was so beautiful. It was like totally orange outside. Did you see it? I hope you got to see it. Another shot. Man we have a lot of wires in our back yards! I couldn't get the horizon from home so I jumped in the car (in my pjs, no bra, no purse, and flip flops) in search of a good shot.
This is what I got.

I had to stop before it went away and then the darn sign was in the way. Oh well you can see how bright it was. WOW God gives us so much beauty, if only we will stop and enjoy it.

This one is too blurry but I thought it was cool since you can see more of the sky.

I have started a new book so I am off to read for awhile before going to sleep.




Rhonda said...

Hey Pam,

Great photos! We are big into baseball too...well actually next week will be our last! I cannot believe I haven't blogged about it with pics yet! Ugh!

My hubby told us to come outside tonight to see God's beauty! I grabbed my camera...but I got nothing!! Ugh...I put it on every setting possible...nothing! Turned on the porch light...nope! Raised the flash...NO!

Oh well, glad to see you had greater success at it then myself! Love the no bra, flip flops...sounds so much like something I would do!!

Hope all is well your way!!

jenjen said...

Hi Pam!
Cute pictures! I love those sunset ones. So pretty! Sunsets in the summer are so magical.

I hope things are well with you and your family!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Tis the season for ball games, isn't it! We go to our grandkids Tball games, so cute! Love the sunset, you sound like me, I go to great extremes to get that shot! lol

Mountain Mama said...

Way to go Coco! Love those summer games.