Saturday, April 17, 2010


Where did our warm weather go?
Our day started out with Coco and I sleeping in until after 10am. Whew it felt good. She had a ball game at noon, it started raining when we left the house so I hoped all the way there that the game would be cancelled. Nope they played in the rain and I sat in the rain. By the time it was over I was frozen solid. I will have to make us a ball bag with blankets, towel, umbrella and extra socks for my MIL that wore flip flops and had to go sit in the truck because she was so cold. Coco went home with Nana and Papa after the game. I came home and was so cold that I layed down in bed to try to get warm and fell asleep.

Scott took a friends grandson on a hog hunt in Harrison today so he missed out on the fun at the ball park. When he finally got home we ran into town to eat. We looked kinda ratty in yoga pants and a t-shirt so we ate at Dave's Bar-b-que since there weren't many people there. Didn't want to see anyone I knew looking like I just got out of bed.

I love all the old stuff they decorate the restaurant with.

Coco with her pork sandwich. Scott did not want pork after his hunt today...

I had the brisket meal. Oh my it was so good, I thought at first I would have left overs for tomorrow but I finished off the entire thing.

I have watched several episodes of International House Hunters today, 2 of the shows were people looking for a 2nd home in Italy and Mexico. I have to tell you I jealous. Can you just imagine having a 2nd home in either of those spaces? The Italy house they chose was a 1 room granny flat. That is what they call the MIL quarters. My dream would be a 2nd home in Destin, Florida.
Where would you want to have a 2nd home?


Dawn said...

As boring as it is, I would have to agree with you.... a colorful little cottage in Destin with white sand and clear water... slower pace... that would suit me JUST fine. :)

Rhonda said...

I know, where did the beautiful, warm weather go?

I would love a 2nd home on some beach!!!

Craftify It! said...

Anywhere where I could go to COOL OFF in the summer. The AZ heat is getting to be too much for me!

PS. Thanks for following my blog!:)