Sunday, April 25, 2010


I failed at the week in life project last week. It is so hard to remember to take photos. So I gave up and started again on Saturday.

Saturday April 24th

This is Scott replacing our bathtub faucett. We couldn't turn off the hot water so we had to replace. The best way was to cut a hole from our bedroom wall to the back of the tub. This was easier than cutting into the tile. Now it is all fixed. It rained and was cold all day so Coco and I worked on getting closets cleaned out for the garage sale next week.

Sunday 4/25/10

We slept in and listened to the church service online. This is becoming a bad habit!
I continued to work on getting stuff cleaned out for the garage sale. I was shocked at the number of clothes I found in my closet that I forgot about and some with the tags still on.
Coco had her friend Gwendolyn over to play this afternoon and they bought ice cream from the ice cream truck. We just found out that Gwendolyn will be moving in June, this is so sad for Coco. This is the 2nd BFF that has moved away.
I made beans and cornbread for dinner. I like to make white beans better than pinto beans so that is what I made.
I plan to go to my mom's when Coco goes to school in the morning to work on setting up the garage sale.
I have my camera right with me to succeed in documenting our life this week.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

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