Friday, April 16, 2010


Coco had her first softball game this week. It is the teams first year of girl pitch. It could be a long year!
They actually did good for the first game. They won 13 to 9.
I love the socks she got. It is cute to see the whole team in black and red.

Dusty shoes and all.

This is Coco in the red helmet coming in to home plate. She skinned her knees up so we need to practice the sliding. She also got hit in the legs and ankles by the pitcher. The way the girls have to swing their arms around to pitch makes it hard for them to control where that ball is going to go.

This will be our life until July!

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Rhonda said...

Those are adorable socks! Both of my boys first games are Monday! I love it...but it does seem to last a little too long.