Saturday, April 11, 2009


We had a photo shoot this morning after ball practice. I wanted to get some shots of Coco like Aubrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's! I did get some cute ones but not the perfect one!

Here a few of them.
This is #1 and already the look like "Lets get this over with"

Then lets pretend we are eating since we didn't have a cigarette holder like Aubrey did.

I like this one! I will have to choose a couple of them to give to Grandparents.
We have also been coloring eggs. My idea for modge podge did not work. I had styrofoam eggs and they just didn't stick well enough. So bring on the boiling and dying of eggs. She is still waiting on one to get really HOT pink! She keeps checking on it and says its getting hotter!
We are going to see a Easter Drama tonight at the pentacostal church in town. The name of it is Messiah and my friends husband plays Jesus. I haven't seen many Easter productions but this one is the best. They go all out with real animals. Very good protrayal of the word!
Everyone have a Happy Easter! I think ours is going to be very wet......


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What a fun idea....absolutely ADORABLE! She looks so pretty! I just tagged you in a prom flashback...check it out! :o)