Monday, April 13, 2009


Sunday night we went to see the "Messiah" at my friends church. This is a small church that puts on a huge production. It is amazing to see the talent and passion from those that are involved. And it takes alot to put this on. What amazes me is that it is about a 300+ member church. I don't think the big mega churchs could put this on and make it as good.

Jesus talking to his disciples.

Jesus being beaten.

After carrying his cross. Some of these they did in still while others sang. Amazing to see them stand so still. He carried the cross around the church while the guards were poking him and pushing him down. That is when Scott and I wanted to get us some guards.

Jesus on the cross!
It is always hard to watch a depiction of this, but it always reminds me of how soon we forget what Jesus went through for us. I think it was worse than any play or movie could portray. I don't think our human minds can handle it. I can't find the words.
Grateful for people like Lynn and Renae and their church that took time to do this for their community and church. This drama will bring it to life for you. To be able to take my daughter and through God's love she understood it and was frightened at some parts but not frightened to where she had nightmares or talked about being scared. This is something that is true and happened so that we can be saved and live eternally with Jesus. She knows this and so it isn't something that she feels afraid of.
I don't think I am making a lick of sense but I hope you all get what I am saying.

PS: Did you see this post? I am pretty proud of my girl!


jenjen said...

What a wonderful way to remember the meaning of Easter! I'm glad you had a wonderful Easter!


belladella said...

Hi Pam!
Glad you stopped by over at BellaDella. I am always excited to see new folks. I hope you will come back often. I promise to come back and visit with your blog. Hope you are having a great day!