Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welcome Back

Monday I went back to my old job. This is what was waiting for me! We were still eating on it today and there is plenty left for tomorrow! So yummy!
My cube! Home away from home you could say!

I have had a good week so far. At first I thought I had forgotten everything I ever knew about processing mortgage loans but now I am having trouble using the new passwords instead of the old ones. Which amazingly came back to me. Sometimes it is just like my mouse just goes where it is supposed to without me even thinking about it.
It is good to be back there, it feels like home! With some crazy relatives that I won't claim! :)
Tomorrow is Coco's day to go to the dentist. She will be having the contraption below put in along with braces on her 4 front teeth. This will expand her whatever so the whatever will come in correctly to the tune of $1850.00. That is ok, I only had to pay $320, thank the good Lord for dental insurance. This is called a quad helix expander and she really does need it to make room for all her teeth to come down straight. It does not however guarantee we won't need braces later on, though.
Thank you all for the sweet comments left on my last post. Ya'll are great bloggy friends. Sorry I have been slacking again, there just aren't enough hours in my day.
Please say a little prayer for my girl tomorrow, she is excited and doesn't seem nervous but I know after it is in she will be whinning and wanting me to remove it! Hopefully it will just be uncomfortable for a couple of days. I plan to explain to her what a wonderful time this is, it is not everyday you get an excuse to eat only ice cream and chocolate milkshakes!!!!!!


jenjen said...

Hi Pam -
I'm so glad things are going well at work. Such a cute cake. It's so nice to work with people that care about you.

Good luck to your daughter. Two of my kids have had those in. They are amazing things. It was hard for them to talk for a while until they got used to them.


Stacia said...

Jacob had this and 4 brackets a few years he needs full braces. And his teeth are turned worse =(

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'm so glad for you, you sound alot happier!