Thursday, April 30, 2009


I am not being mean this is just what I thought of today after Coco got her appliance in. I think she looks so cute with it. She chose black and hot pink bands. She did really well through it all. She got a little anxious when she couldn't swallow and that band was over her mouth and she couldn't move her tongue but with some deep breathing we made it.

Isn't she just a doll. She will love it that I put all this on the blog!!! HA

Watching animal planet! Her dentist is so cool! Why didn't they have this when I was a kid. All I got was a grumpy old man with the shakes. I think we found out years later that he had a slight drinking problem.
So are ya'll worried about the swine flu? I am getting a little worried, I heard tonight that there are 6 confirmed cases in Benton county. I think I will be staying close to home and out of the public for a while. Why can't they just close the borders??? I know it is nearly impossible but at least they could try. Maybe we should flood our senators, congressman and white house with emails to close it and quarantine some of these folks..... What do you think?
TGIF tomorrow!


Rhonda said...

There's Dr. Rhoades!!!! Yes, very cool dentist! I hope she is doing okay.

Guess what. I am now friends with your cousin on Facebook! I asked Brian Smith if he knew you. He said yes, you were one of his favorite cousins...awwww!

I always liked Brian...he was a great guy!

I asked my dh if there were any cases in AR yet. He said no. Where did you hear that? Ugh! I guess all we can do is be careful and pray!

That Girl said...

How old is your daughter? Mine is 7 yrs old and I always thought your daughter looked the same age.
Our state just had 2 cases of the flu but the people were fine and werent even hospitalized.

jenjen said...

I am glad your daughter is doing alright. She looks very cute!

We have a few cases in Utah. One of our school districts is completely closed down. I would not be surprised if they shut the others down next week as a precaution.


Mountain Mama said...

Oh she looks very cute!

We have 3 cases in our county. All schools were shut down for Thur and Fri and possibly next week. Glad we live on the mtn away from it all. :)