Sunday, April 12, 2009


We sang this song at church this morning and I haven't been able to get it out of my head all day. Also "HE IS RISEN". I love both those songs!
It rained all day today. We had to hunt eggs in the house which was ok but it wasn't as much fun. Ethan and our newest nephew John weren't able to come so we only had 2 hunters and 2 for the pinata! My other nephew Jake is to grown up to hunt so he and I hid them while Coco and Kaylee hunted.

I didn't have time tonight to download all the photos from today but here are a few of Coco dying the eggs yesterday.

I thought this one was really cute. Seeing the eggs thru the glass. It is going to make a cute scrapbook page.
After Mom's we went to see the drama at my friend Renae's church. It is called "Messiah" and her hubby plays Jesus. It was so good! Scott and I both were getting upset at the scenes where the roman soldiers were beating him. i thought they were a little rough for a play but Renae told me he asked them to do so that it would be more real. They did a awesome job for a small church. They have so much passion for Jesus! I took some photos so I will make a post about it later in the week.
It is 10:48pm and I have to get to bed.


Carrie said...

Glad to hear that you all had a nice Easter!! Love the pics of Coco!! She is such a cutie!!

Hugs!! Carrie♥

jenjen said...

Happy Easter Pam! I'm glad you had a wonderful day. Cute picture of your daughter too!

It is wonderful to remember the true reason we celebrate Easter. The play sounds like it was really great!


April said...

Hi Pam~
I found you on Carrie's blog...I noticed that you're from Arkansas. I was born and raised there! Born in Wynne and grew up on Hot Springs/Hot Springs Village. I really miss "home". Stop by anytime...I love meeting new people!

Rhonda said...

Hey Pam,
We also did an indoor hunt! Our church did 3 Days of Easter. 3 Sundays in a row leading up to Easter. They had a play at each followed by pastor preaching. It was awesome.

Great pics!

Carrie said...

Love the pictures sorry about the rain but I am sure the kids didn't mind too much.