Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Sorry I haven't been around. I missed y'all!

But I have a good excuse. See this below.....

Our garage was way overdue for a clean sweep. Boy did we clean. We spent alllllllllllllllll day Saturday and Sunday cleaning, painting, hanging shelves and organizing.

This is all our junk in the front yard. We had lots of people stop to see if it was a garage sale. We should have sold it all for $10 and called it a day.
But I am so glad we didn't give up. Here is the AFTER!

We still have a few things to do. We purchased 3 cabinets for the space and the first 2 we tried to install were broken so we took them all back and now we will be looking for metal cabinets or wood.
This is one of the items I demanded out of the remodel. I wanted shoe shelves right outside the door going into the house. And we have to use the garage entrance. We have horrible carpet from coming in with dirty, grassy, wet shoes all the time. Now we have a special place to put them. This area is small space between the steps and the wall so it was the perfect space.

I am so excited about it and come winter Cocomama will be parking in here too!

Be back soon!


jenjen said...

Hi pam! Your garage looks so good! Wow - I am impressed. Mine is at the top of my to-do project. It is a disaster. I really do need to have a garage sale. I am dreading it though because they are so much work.

Thanks for the inspiration!


That Girl said...

great job!

Rhonda said...

What a great job! I'm sure it feel so much better now! Did you sell anything to those who stopped? hee hee

Lamp Tramp said...

It looks great, that is one of the most dreaded jobs, yet makes you feel so glad afterwards. Yours came out perfect, I'll work on ors when the weather cools down a little in December!

4shepherds said...

Kevin just got that job finished at our house. I asked him last winter why we had a 3 car garage and we were scrapping ice off our windows. LOL So I guess he didn't want to hear that again.
Now it is clean and we can park in there!!