Friday, July 10, 2009


Eyes Over 40: Baby Boomers,Presbyopia & Vision Changes

If you're over 40, you've probably noticed your eyes have changed. Most notably, presbyopia — the normal, age-related loss of near focusing ability — usually becomes a problem in our 40s, requiring new vision correction solutions. Learn about measures you can take to keep seeing clearly for years to come.

So I went to the eye doctor today for my yearly appointment and boy did he have great news for me! The above is basically what my problem is!


I am not ready for this!

I have had a kink in my neck for 3 days.

I have severe fatigue and have diagnosed myself as being allergic to gluten.But have done absolutely nothing about!

I have some major breakouts on my face in the past 2 weeks

I had a crown fall off and I have to have a root canal next week.

And the skinny little 12 year old Optometrist hands me this paper to read for those over 40 and I fail the stinkin test! I wanted to ask him if he knew it was Friday and I did not need to hear this when I have had a bad week and was so looking forward to a relaxing weekend. But I didn't, I just smiled and told him the truth. I can't see the stupid letters and why do the letters all look like they are stretching and have spikes coming out of them?

I left there with 1 stronger daily contact in my right eye and a 2 week contact in my left eye that really doesn't have much of a prescription at all, but I have to remember to save it each day and not throw it away. I am actually going to try to wear only 1 contact to see if it works because Mr. 12 year old says it will balance out the vision since 1 eye is near sited and 1 is far sited and if my brain will accept it after a few days and adjust to the difference.

And the best part is I have $300 less moola in my pocket. That is for the cheapo glasses too!

Then tonight I had the pleasure of taking Coco to her softball league end of year pool party in 1000 degree heat! Lucky me, just kidding I did enjoy sitting there for 2 hours visiting with the other mama's that refused to put on a swimsuit for public consumption!!! We girls gotta stick together.

I have taken my muscle relaxant for the crick in my neck, Zyrtec for my constant allergies and some pain pill that I got just in case my tooth starts to hurt before the root canal. I took the pain killer just in case that tooth starts to hurt while I am sleeping (he he he he)! Hoping it knocks me out and I have a good long restful sleep.

I have gone on enough for one day!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I've needed bifocals for a few years now, just couldn't do it! I do need to give in soon. Hope your getting some rain like me?

jenjen said...

Oh no! I am so sorry. I keep waiting for my eyes to change. I am sure it will happen pretty soon!

Glasses are so expensive! Have you checked out I have ordered glasses for my daughter there and they are great!


Rhonda said...

I don't want my eyesight to change...yuck! I have to get a crown on Thursday! I was eating ceral and it broke part of my tooth off! Ugh! I hate to hear yours fell off! Did you leave it off a while thus needing a root canal? Curious! I want this crown to last! I've had trouble with a crown before too!

I'm ready for a break finacially!