Thursday, July 16, 2009


I have had a very busy day. I had so many appointments, I used a personal day and didn't work at all.

It started here at the optometrist. Where we decided I would continue with the same contacts but wear readers for up close. Yea Me!

Then on to the DMV to renew my drivers license. Very quick and uneventful.

On to the endodontist(sp?) where luckily I didn't have to do the root canal but it is because he felt it was a waste of time and money because the tooth will not support a crown so I will have to get it pulled. I am so angry at my dentist, they started the root canal on this tooth a month ago and told me it was calcified and sent me to the endo. They shouldn't have even started the root canal knowing the tooth would not support a crown. They are just money hungry, I've decided. So now I have to find a new dentist to do the extraction. Oh and they recommended the tooth next to it get a root canal too but the endo tested it and it is perfectly healthy and normal! Do not go to Pinnacle Hills Dental they are a rip off !

I had to pick up Coco at my Mom's and since I was a little early we decided to hit target and walmart for school supplies. Buying school supplies is my favorite thing to d0! We couldn't find the list for her school so we used a few lists and merged them together. If we are missing something we can always go back. I also pick up extras for throughout the year while they are on sale. We also fill a backpack for another child so these prices are great. I was naive last year when I heard about the backpacks but I talked to our school and there are always several children on the first day that show up with nothing. That is so sad to me. So buy some extra crayons and pencils for your school or hook up with the local KLRC they are filling backpacks.
We had to make a stop here to pickup a order Scott called in.

We were in Kohls and Coco got this little friend which she buckled up in the back seat. He is nameless right now but that won't last for long. She names them all.
We made a few more stops before heading home and it ended up being a great day with lots of things accomplished and even some that weren't planned!
I have to tell you a funny story. We were standing in Walmart looking at the reading glasses in the pharmacy dept. I hear this man ask the girl behind the pharmacy counter where the vibrators are. Oh you could have heard a pin drop, everyone turned to look and it is this older man in one of the wheelchair carts. The clerk asked him to repeat himself, so he did. She must have just looked at him, but then she asked what type and he said for his muscles. I think he meant a massager! That poor little clerk was a young one and her facial expression after he took off was priceless, then all the ladies around us started laughing. I was quite exciting!


jenjen said...

Hi Pam! That story is hil-arious! Made me laugh out loud!!! I am so sorry about your tooth. Ack - I hate dentists! And I am waiting to have to get readers - ugggh. I think I am going to work up my nerve to get my eyes lasered before I need readers, so I will only need one pair of glasses when that happens.


4shepherds said...

That story is TOO funny! I would have died laughing. I have a similar story that I will have to share with you sometime. Already time to buy school supplies gosh summer is going FAST!!

Rhonda said...

I love buying school supplies too!
That story is!

Oh man...I was at the dentist yesterday doing part 1 of a crown! Glad the pain is gone today! I also need an $1800.00 dental implant! (That is with insurance) I hate going to the dentists!!! Wow, glad you had to go to the you didn't have unnecessary root canals!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Funny story! I love to smell all the school supplies, takes me back to when ours was little! Were empty nesters now but I buy for my grandkids who are in school.