Sunday, March 21, 2010


I had the pleasure of spending Saturday at Girl Scout Camp learning how to build fires, cook on propane stoves, dutch ovens and box ovens, knife safety etc.
Warning lots of photos

How to build a fire. Due to the rain we had to pretend and do this inside. We did get to go out and gather tinder, kindling and logs for a fire. Then we had to distribute it back into the woods. This is leave no trace camping.
The photo above is a box oven. A paper box wrapped in foil with metal skewers pushed all the way thru, this will be your oven rack. Place hot charcoal in bottom. Each charcoal briqette will have 40 degrees of heat, if you need to bake something at 400 degrees you will need 10 hot briquettes. The tricky part is knowing when it is done. We were told that you use your nose. Oh and you punch a vent hole in each side on opposite ends.

Here you can see our cake and putting the hot briquettes inside. We used a charcoal starter. That was a new thing for me too. we heated them in a metal feed pan.

We made cornbread in the dutch ovens. this is me helping rotate the ovens 90 degrees every 15 minutes. I learned that you use the inches of the dutch oven to determine how many briquettes you need to cook on these.

Here is our chocolate cake. It was a little slanted but very yummy. Our yellow cake burned a little but it was all gone at the end of lunch.

Our cornbread was perfect from the dutch oven

Our main dish was foil dinners. We were supposed to cook these on the fire but since it was raining we cooked them with charcoal on the grills

Cabbage leaf, beef pattie, potatoes, carrots, bell pepper, onion, a dollop of cream of mushroom soup. Roll up and put on grill for 15 minutes on each side

My pictures got out of order. After you wash rinse and sanitize your mess kit (plate, bowl, cup & fork knife spoon) you place them in your dunk bag (mine was a lingere bag from the laundry dept) and hang them to drip dry. You would also use this bag if you need to dunk in the creek to rinse off.

The Girl Scouts have a definite way of doing things. This is our dishwashing station. You have to have 3 tubs, 1 wash 2 rinse 3 santize.
Another thing I learned is how to make fire starters. Take a paper egg crate, put wood shavings in each hole and then pour melted candles over each hole. Then you can take 1 little square to start your fire.

I am excited to teach these things to my girls. I think we will start with outdoor cooking meeting and then backyard camping.

The ladies the taught us were all volunteers and I am so grateful for the women that have a heart to help young girls be the best they can be.  


Rhonda said...

Lots of great tips for camping/survival! I loved being a brownie! I don't know why I wasn't a girl scout.

Cottage Cozy said...

Girl Scout Memories!

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Thanks...Have a terrific week!