Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I just finished The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks.

I enjoyed it!

I was surprised with it. It was happy, sweet, loving, evil, and sad all rolled into one.

I won't ruin it for anyone that wants to read it or see the movie.
I will say it had a very surprising ending!

I bought myself a laptop this week and I am loving it. Typing is taking some getting used to. I miss all the blogs I had in my favorites but I will slowing build my list back up, probably find some new ones. Now I am not stuck in one spot when I want to read blogs or surf the web.  The first night I wanted to set up it before The bachelor came on and when I finished Scott was on the phone so I went into our bedroom to watch so that he could watch whatever he wanted. He comes in later and the first words out of his mouth is " This is your future"! I think he is worried about me being online to much! He could be right! We'll see!


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Rhonda said...

Wow, you have already read a lot of books this year. Which has been your favorite?