Thursday, March 4, 2010


UPDATE: Surgery was fast and I was home by 11am. Can't eat anything but milkshakes. Managing pain for now. The meds really aren't knocking me out so I am bored and wanting to do to much!!!

I will be spending my Friday morning here!

I will be having a 2 teeth extracted. I am hoping it not a big deal. I don't even remember having my other wisdom teeth removed when I was younger. The younger part might have something to do with it. My mama is coming to take me because they will sedate me and I might be a little coo cooko afterwards.

I am prepared to spend some time layed up in bed with these.

I believe these are the last 2 of his books that I haven't read. I am noticing that some of his characters are from previous books. I love a good book that seems to go on and on.

So say a little prayer for me tomorrow, I hope not to spend the entire weekend with pain meds and ice packs.



Jayme said...

That's exactly where I spent this morning. And only read something you don't want to remember, because I have no clue what I did for the first several hours after I got home LOL

Tammy Lou said...

You will be ok I sure wish you were going with me!!!!See two comments this week!!!

Pam said...

Thanks Tammy Lou,

Jayme, that is what I am expecting, hopefully I will just sleep it off.

Thanks for comments I love them

Kristy K said...

You are the third person I've read about today who is going to the dentist! I hope everything turned out okay.

And I LOVE Nicholas Sparks. My husband and I just watched The Notebook again last weekend and I still got butterflies. :)