Monday, March 29, 2010


You would never guess where I am!

Give up?

On my front patio blogging!

This so cool, the weather is perfect the sun is going down.

I see the shadows of the trees on the house across the street.

The birds are singing to beat the band. Every now and then I hear a weird one.

My neighbors wife is ready to go in but he is keeping her working. Oh he just started the tiller and messed up my bird singing. Now I can't hear what they are saying. Darn

I am just a tad nosey! Not that I would ever admit it to anyone else.

I am smelling dirt or maybe it is dust. A trace of a grill somewhere in the neighborhood. Wonder what they are cooking?

I have had a great day. Most of it was spent at the unemployment office. You know they could save by hiring more help. It is like the DMV slower than an old man on a tractor! There were 2 guys at the front desk and 1 of them was just sitting there with his arm on the desk holding up his head. I really wanted to tell them that I could at least look busy, so they should hire me. But I didn't, I just sat there and waited and waited and waited. Listening to other peoples conversations, pretending to read my book. To many people with sneezes and coughs too. I joked with the lady next to me that I need to remember to bring a mask with me next time. After all that waiting I come to find out that I won't get any money for another week or so due to the fact that I received a severance payout last week. Thank you very much, I can surely go 3- 4 weeks without any income. No problem, now I need to find the numbers to all my creditors to see if it is ok that my payments will be 3-4 weeks late. You can bet that won't fly. Like my honey says, it will work out we'll make it. This is coming from the same man that doesn't want to know what we owe on that credit card cause it might cause him to have a coronary!

Back to my bird listening.

Wow we have a lot of traffic on our little street. We need one of those signs that say SLOW CHILDREN AT PLAY. When you see that sign, do you think SLOW DOWN or they have slow children??
Scott always says something goofy about having slow children. Isn't that mean? Bless his heart he doesn't mean any harm.

Someone is doing laundry, I smell their bounce sheets.

Oh gotta go, someone is stopping to see us.

Catcha later.

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dawne said...

Ah, the wonderful sounds, sights and smells of Spring. He's right - the money will work out in the end. Hang in there!