Thursday, March 18, 2010


I don't think I mentioned it on here but I took Coco to the Dentist for a checkup on Monday of this week. She has had her braces and quad helix on for 1 year and it was time to take out the quad and get a mold for a retainer. She freaked out! She wouldn't open her mouth, screamed if they tried to touch her mouth. I even had to call her Daddy to come help me with her. After a hour and a half we finally got it done. I felt like we had been through a war or something and I was so upset with her because this is just not like her. It was a combination of not enough sleep the night before, a lose tooth that she was afraid they were going to touch, being 9 yrs old with hormones going up and down .

Luckily the staff at Dr. Rhodes offices are God sent. Miss Crystal was able to get the retainer done locally and called us to come in today for the removal of her braces and fit for the retainer. Coco and I had some long talks the last 2 days on what was going to happen when she went back. She assured me that she would comply with the dentist and if she did, we would go do something fun afterwards.

This is Coco before with her braces

After without braces. She is so excited about her new smile

Bless her sweet heart Miss Crystal was so great with Coco!

Notice the bear in her arms? This is BEARY, I bought this bear for her about 3 or 4 years ago for $5 at Lifeway. She has slept with this bear ever since and it is her comfort. She brought it with her today for strength. The poor thing has no neck anymore.

She chose Chucke Cheese for her treat. I ate a salad while she played the games.
She is not liking her retainer but she will get used to it just like the braces.

We also went to my favorite place TJ MAXX. I bought a really pretty blue plate for a plate wall arrangement I want to begin and Coco got a new swimsuit. I just heard on the news that it is supposed to snow here on Saturday so she won't need it for awhile I guess.

Glad to be done with the braces and the drama!


Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Cute pictures! Coco should love her perfect teeth. Sorry to hear that the retainer-making process was so traumatic. I hate that gunk being squirted into my mouth, too.

Rhonda said...

Oh man, I'm glad when she went back it went better! Miss Crystal is great! Her teeth look great...why did she move on to a retainer?

Dr. Rhodes has told me to start saving because both boys will more than likely have to have braces too! Eeek!