Monday, May 3, 2010


What is the deal with blogger and photos. It loaded these in the wrong order! URRRGGG

Sunday afternoon we had dinner with my in-laws to celebrate Papa's 67th birthday. I can put his age cause he won't read this, ha ha ha! They invited us to Monte Ne Chicken for lunch. This is a local family restaurant that serves bean soup, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, green beans, coleslaw, bread, apple butter served family style. There are no menus this is what you get. It is always packed and reservations are needed.

When I was 25 I bought my first house as a single girl. This house is very close to Monte Ne Chicken and the lake. I always want to drive by when we are out that way. After lunch Scott and I drove up to the house.

This was my first home I purchased all by myself. It was 1100 sq feet and brand new back in 1993. I paid $55,000 for it and sold it a little over a year later. Long story on that!

I loved the street name Saratoga Drive. Street names speak to me

Sorry for the horrible photo but this is our lunch. I do not like food on a bone, but I have had fried chicken 3 times in this week alone! We had the same menu at bible study last Wednesday, we stopped into KFC on Saturday for a quick supper. It will probably be another year before eating like this again.

Papa and Nana reading his birthday card. He is the worst to get us funny birthday cards, his was about false teeth and smiling! We got him a big clock with a temp gauge for him to put up outside.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at Lowes getting flowers, measurements for blinds, vanities and grocery shopping at Walmart. Coco complained most of the time we were in Lowes and I thought it was just because she was bored. By 8pm last night she had a fever of 101. She didn't tell us she felt bad she just wanted to leave the store. She is home with me today. No more fever just very lathergic.

I have several projects planned for this week and I hope to get started and show you what I am up to.

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