Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I didn't get to call the Mom today. I woke up feeling like I had been run over by a truck. Went to work, made a doctors appointment and struggled through the day until it was time for my appointment. He says I have a viral infection that acts like the flu, but my flu test was negative. Yeah! Doc says the good thing is this is shorter lived than the actual flu. So I came straight home, took some of the medicine he gave me for congestion and cough and went to bed. I just took another dose so if this post is all wiggly woggly, blame it on the cough meds!

I didn't call the mom today but Coco gave me a run down of her day. The little girl was ringing our doorbell at 7:15 again, we didn't answer it because I was driving Coco to school. I know that is mean but obviously I wasn't feeling like my sweet self this morning. Anyhoo, Coco tells me that the little girl was in the principals office again today. She has already been kicked off the bus and she has only been riding it maybe 3 weeks. So we made a unanimous decision that Coco will not be playing with this girl. She will however be nice and if it she has to give her a reason then she will tell her that I said she can't play with her because she gets in to much trouble and I don't want Coco to be involved in that sort of stuff.

When I do call the mom, I plan to tell her some of the things that I know she has asked Coco to do so that maybe she will pay more attention to what her child is doing. If she even cares. If things keep going the way they have, we will have to go to more drastic measures. Just for the child's own safety. I do feel sorry for the child, today when I was coming home she was riding her bike down in the neighborhood where supposedly she isn't supposed to be and the parents were no where to be seen! Do they not watch the news and see things like the woman that was just found after 18 years from being nabbed on the way to the school bus........

I'm getting sleepy now!

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