Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We are having some issues with a little girl that just moved into our neighborhood. She rings my doorbell a million times a day beginning at 7:15am. She has asked Coco to do inappropriate things, goes all over the neighborhood with no boundaries whatsoever! She has came home on the bus twice now with no one at home to meet her so she comes to our house. Scott is not comfortable babysitting her when she calls her mom and the mom tells her she won't be home until 6pm (the bus comes at 3:45) but the mom doesn't ask if we can keep her she just leaves her here. We have been upset with this but have waited for the right time to say something. I think tonight the right time has come. She joined my Girl Scout troop and when I got to our meeting place the child was there with no parent anywhere to be found. Apparently the mom dropped her off without checking to see if a adult was there. Then when the meeting was over she tells me she doesn't know if her mom is coming. I told her to go call her mom. The mom tells her she is busy, so I have to take her home.

I haven't called the mom yet because I am so frustrated and I don't want to say something out of anger. I also think the little girl might be playing both of us to fit what she wants. Like maybe telling her mom that we invited her or offered to bring her home. I hope that is the case and the mom is not just a deadbeat! I can't imagine a mother would leave a 9 year old to take care of herself or expect other people to babysit!

The hard thing is this child is in Coco's class, lives 3 doors down and how can I keep them apart. Coco doesn't really care for her because she has lied to her and she sees how she disobeys, but when she wants to play and that is the only child around, she wants to play with her.

I feel sorry for the child! She can't help how she is being raised but what can I do. On one hand I know that Coco and our family can be a good influence but at what risk? As the Bible says birds of a feather flock together! I don't want that influence on Coco.

I will have to call the mom tomorrow because if nothing else, I can't have her leaving the child at the Girl Scout meeting when no one else is there. Please pray that God will give the words and they will be taken well.



jenjen said...

Oh wow - that is hard! That is so sad that the mom doesn't have time for her own daughter. So sad. You really should call and talk to her. She shouldn't be dropping her child off and taking off like that. So rude.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Some people shouldn't have kids! This Mom doesn't deserve a child, she really needs to be told before something horrible happens to that poor little girl. Good luck!

4shepherds said...

That is a tough one. I wish I have some helpful advice but I don't. So, I will just pray for you!! Hope it goes well.