Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I am so excited I have had 3 inquiries on the house today! Our neighbors have a friend and a family member that want to live in our area so they are going to tell them about it. I had a realtor call and she dropped off her card. She asked if we would consider paying buyers commission and I told her no but we would be buying another house so that may work into something. The other was a friend with a family member looking in our area but she is looking for something in a lower price range.

Our neighbors gave us some good feedback. In their opinion our house is a much better buy than the newer houses that went up in about 2 weeks or another newer neighborhood that has had major drainage issues since it was built so that made me feel optimistic with our older home.

I posted stuff on craigslist for the first time tonight. I have a 32 inch Sanyo tv, a playstation 2 +6 games and the house. It was too easy. Now I am trying to think of other things I can sell. Isn't that awful. I need to put a ad for the house in the newspaper and get some flyers out. I am also thinking about a open house sometime soon. These are usually held for the Realtors but it might be worth a afternoon to get people in.

Has anyone sold a home without a realtor?? Any tips or suggestions? Should I do a open house?

Ok now on to DWTS. I was glad to see Macy Gray and Hamilton go. What is the deal with Gray, does she ever smile and what was up with her rhythm or rather the lack of rhythm! I don't have anything to say about Hamilton except he is pretty!!!!
I cried last night when Kelly Osbourne danced and the way she talked about not being graceful or a lady. I thought she did a wonderful job and I loved it when she ran to hug her daddy. I am not a fan of Ozzy but I thought he is a Daddy to that girl just like mine or yours. She is my favorite for now. We'll see what the next few weeks bring. I have to say this IF YOU WATCH THE SHOW PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO VOTE, IT IS FREE AND SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE!!!! I wish my Mama was reading this. She never votes and I tell her to every week!



Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Way to go! I think a open house is a great idea, and not that hard. When we sold our house with a realtor, there were times I had to show the house, it was kinda fun! I love old homes, they are built much better and with the $8000 tax credit till Dec.1, you should sell! Keep us posted! I'll look you up on FB!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

HI, Pam, thanks for coming by! And yes, you have to get by Dewey's next time you're at the beach. It's wonderful. :)

Rhonda said...

Yeah! How exciting! Yes, do an Open House! Have everything neat and tidy. (Detail clean) Sell your clutter on Craigslist! (I have had great success selling things there.) Get your pets out. Bake some cookies beforehand to have your house smell wonderful. You can do it!

Good luck!