Sunday, September 13, 2009


I got a call a few weeks ago from cousin asking if I would photograph a wedding for her friend. I was happy to do it but let them know I am not a professional!

The wedding was last night and it was a beautiful event. The couple were so sweet and fun. They have to precious little girls too! I took over 1000 pictures but hopefully I can get a couple hundred really good ones for them.

I definitely learned lots of things by doing this.
1. I need a flash and a backup battery
2. The wedding party needs to be ready at least 2 hours before the wedding.
3. I need to practice using the tripod
4. I need to practice practice practice
5. A photographer earns their money.

My sister helped me (Thank you Tammy Lou) and we went from 4:30 to 9:30. We left the wedding and went to Zaxby's. After sitting down to eat I was tired. When I went to bed last night every bone in my body was hurting. I guess from the tension and running around, up and down.

Below are a couple of the shots I got. I need to do some fixing before I print and make cd's for the bride.

This one will be so beautiful in black and white. This little girl is only 6 weeks old.

Mommy and baby.

With the grooms parents.
It will take me awhile to edit and pick out the best ones for them. I need a quick lesson in Photoshop!
Lots of fun and I wish them a long loving marriage!


jenjen said...

Cute pictures Pam! I love that one of the baby's feet!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

That is work, I did it for a friends daughter over the summer. I had a blast but the pressure to do good was nerve racking but I did get hundreds of memorable shots. I'd love to do it as a pro but I need tons of practice!