Thursday, February 4, 2010


One of my favorite stores for gifts, inspiration and scrapbooking supplies Signed Sealed and Delivered had a couple of FREE workshops in January. The first one was a Valentine theme. I didn't take any photos.
The second one was birthday party theme. Below are some of the photos. I learned so much in just a short hour lunch break.

If you have been into the store you have seen these big humongous bows on the backs of chairs. She taught us how to make them from scratch. This was the first layer. Just tying the big netting on to the chair.

Then she used the tails from the first section to tie on bows bows and more bows. Isn't it beautiful for a party to tie one on the birthday girls chair or even on all your chairs. That could get expensive since 1 roll of this is $14.99 but you can get some colors at OOPS and Ato Z in Alma.

She then started on the tablescape. I love this colorful wrapping paper but it is like 13.99 a yard so it would have to be a very important party. It looks so good though.
She kept layering and layering. Starting with something tall and working down to the table so that your eye travels downward instead of all over the place. She was setting this up for the shop so you wouldn't normally put a ton of stuff on the table like this.
See the little dog, that is a invitation and she says she usually puts the invitation on the table as decoration since you probably spent time and money making them.

This is the place setting. She started with scrapbook paper that she had trimmed with the scalloped edges. Again layering.

I loved this iron piece of cake. They have lots of metal decor that is soooooo cute!

This is a treat bag she made up. The bottom is a bucket that she found after Christmas. She kept telling us to shop the after season sales with a open mind because so many things can be used in other seasons. Like these buckets or red items from Christmas can be used for Valentines. It was a lot of fun and they did the class for free.
If you are local check out SSD! I am not marketing for them, this is totally just customer feedback!

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new to your blog :)

I love that wrapping paper!!!!!!

My kids would fall over if they saw a table like that set up for them with all that way cool stuff all over it :)